Why choose us for your next passion project?


Just like you, we’re psychic channels too. Since your spirit guides know your soul’s work more than anyone, we like to partner with them while we design so your design stays energetically accurate.


Our Intuitive Design process is the infusion of energywork & strategic design application. As Intuitive Designers, we build your design as a reflected fabrication of your energy signature.


When your intuitive design is implemented, your magnetic field shifts too. Not only do you feel more aligned, but so do your clients. They shift in their lives when you shift in your reflection.


We have extensive knowledge on branding, design and cross-channel media application. We go BIG on delivering you all-in-one personalized packages to align your goals with your design.


Unlike most traditional agencies who design on a hit & run basis, we thoroughly prepare your spiritual business for long-term success. Your success is our success and we guide you every step of the way.


As a part of your investment with us, we seamlessly set everything up for you. And we’ll teach you how to make edits & updates to your online platforms when you need. We don’t leave you hanging.

You could call our client approach a secret sauce, but the truth is it’s not much of a secret. We share it with everyone, all the time. Here’s what exceptional client experience means to us.

You deserve to focus on doing what you do best

At Lightwork Media, we want nothing more than for you to focus on doing what you do best. Delivering your sacred gifts to the world. Far too often, we have clients come to us who spend all of their energy focusing on designing content for their business, without any of it actually converting, that they drain themselves out wearing all the hats. We know that the word ‘Graphic Design’ gives you a headache, and we want to cure it for you. So let us lift a weight off your chest and deliver our gifts to you, so you can focus on delivering yours!

You deserve to have control in your business

At Lightwork Media, we empathize with how you want to maintain control on your business. We get it. We often see business owners hire designers leaving without knowing how to manage their content. That’s why when you work with us, we get you hooked up with the fundamental materials to build your content with ease. We also train you how to manage your digital assets such as making adjustments to your website when it’s needed, along with brand guidelines to follow so you don’t make any brand image interferences that wreck your image.

You deserve to have the best design experience for your business

At Lightwork Media, we know how frustrating it can be for business owners to jump from designer to designer, platform to platform, and then having their business image appear inconsistent overtime because of it. We want to make sure that we can form a deep intimate bond with our clients to make sure that we vibrationally make an excellent match. In the grand scheme of it all, our clients become our long-term friends. And as our friend, we want to project a bond of trust, alignment and connection. And once you develop that intimate connection you crave so much, you will finally have that feeling of security that if you run into any design hassles, you immediately can turn to your go-to designer to save you from struggle.

You deserve to work with a team that ‘get’s it’

At Lightwork Media, 1 out of 3 people who come to us seeking design work all crave one thing. Someone who ‘get’s it, and get’s them’. Far too often, common designers focus so much on the professionalism aspect of design alone, that they tend to forget to acknowledge the soul that is orchestrating the business. For most spiritual business owners, they know that when their soul is projected in the design, that’s where the abundance flows in. We make sure that we have a design equilibrium of having a professional business image, and a soulfully orchestrated reflection while you can be your rawest most authentic self. Your professional image projects your authority and dependability, while your soul reflects your uniqueness and your sacred gifts.

What’s your next step in your Spiritual Business?

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