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Design Hiring Questions

Hire a Professional Designer because your business is worth it. 

Many small business owners will try to shoe-string budget on graphic design by using a low-priced or free online service when they first start their companies. However, this is a mistake. Going cheap on your branding and marketing materials will cost you more in the long-run as far as how your business is perceived in the marketplace and it can greatly dampen your credibility in your niche. As of today, we are bombarded by thousands of advertisements that are all begging to be noticed. A professional designer knows how to make your business stand out and attract the attention of your target market.

You DO NOT want be like MOST struggling entrepreneurs who often make these 2 critical mistakes who don’t hire a professional designer…

1.) You think it’s easier to just DIY everything- when in reality that ends up costing you months (if not YEARS!) worth of wasted time and effort.

2.) You put off investing in hiring a professional designer until you “start making money.” But in reality, the whole point of hiring a professional designers like us, is so that you can start making money as quickly as possible. Professional designers like us at Lightwork Media is a business investment that ends up paying for itself!

The best time to invest in an Intuitive Design Package for your spiritual business is when you’re 100% committed to taking your spiritual business to the next level.

Things to affirm you are most definitely ready for The Energy Brand Intensive:

  • You’re crystal clear on who you are, who you serve, and what you have to offer.
  • You’re ready to have your spiritual business foundation in place.

Things to affirm you are most definitely ready for The Intuitive Course Creation Intensive:

  • You want to have your own online school where you can sell your online spiritual teachings.
  • You want to build, launch, and sell a 6-figure online course.
  • You want to give your students a seamless online interactive learning experience.

Things to affirm you are most definitely ready for The Spiritual Author Intensive:

  • You either are just about finished, or have already finished writing your book.
  • You want to establish all that you need to stabilize your author platform.
  • You want to have an endless supply of book marketing content so you never run out of promotion ideas after you launch.
  • You plan on doing a Book Tour and need the physical book marketing essentials to take with you.

Things to affirm you are most definitely ready for The Spiritual Event Intensive:

  • You have planned your Next-Level BIG spiritual events you’re hosting in the near future, that you really want to continuously market for the long-haul. (Ideal for one specific event type that you want to keep hosting over and over again in the future. 

When it comes to professional layout for info product design, there are a lot of factors that come into play: typography, hierarchy, whitespace and graphic placement just to name a few. The most prominent reason Word shouldn’t be used for layout is simply that it’s not a layout program, it’s a word processing program. It’s not set up for professional print production as the outcome always comes to be a less polished end product. If you want to get your ideas brain-dumped, Word is great for giving yourself a rough idea of what content goes where.
But professional info product design and documentation design needs more functionalities than just text alone. In fact, what people crave more than anything else is interactability. Such as buttons, digital fill-out boxes, videos and more. Unfortunately, no matter how much you perfect your info product layout in Word, it will never meet the standards of true professional documentation design.

After all, good design inspires people. It attracts them. Encourages action. Make them want to spend money on your product or service. Ultimately, good visual documentation gives customers a more seamless, easy-to-digest documentation experience. And when they can get the opportunity to see your info product professionally designed, it bumps the validation for them in a subconscious way that tells them you really know your stuff and you must be great at what you do!

If there is any designed product that you should take seriously in business, it’s your book cover. Why? because your book cover is the birthmark of your author identity. It’s the lifeblood of your author platform. Imagine it, your book over is on the top of New York Times Best Seller list, Huffington Post, on the billboard signs at huge book conventions, Oprah for that matter! Do you really still want to go with a pre-made book cover template that you found on the internet that hundreds of people have already used? Right, you see the point.

Book Cover Designers are in the business of communication and understand the psychology of how a book cover stands out on the shelf. Hiring an individual book cover designer allows you to hone your book cover until it is exactly what you want — and the final product will be unique. You will pay more for the design than pre-made covers, but the promise of complete satisfaction is totally worth it. Your job is to have the idea and their job is to make it a book cover.

We all judge a book by its cover. So take advantage of this and get a beautiful cover that sells faster.

Most people create graphics as an after thought, without much strategy or design process, and then sit back and wonder why their product doesn’t sell or their post isn’t getting much engagement. One of the key reasons why online design softwares such as Canva can detract from creating a unique and recognizable brand identity for your business, is that it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating something mediocre just because you can do it quickly and cheaply. More importantly, you need to be careful when using pre-made templates, as they are accessible to everyone which means that literally anyone can use them for their own business. As a consequence, your content won’t be unique.
Remember, your job is to create the service, their job is to project the soul of that service into promotional design materials.

Stock Photography Is Not Original & Lacks Authenticity:
Not even close. Photos are never taken with specific products or ideas in mind and usually are vague in execution. Search sites like Getty Images or iStockPhoto for something like “happy family” or “playing with pets.” You’ll be greeted with many photos that all look similar, with varying degrees of quality. You know when you’re looking at a stock photo, they just have a certain fakey “feel” to them that you can’t really explain. By that same token, your target audience will know when they’re looking at a real picture that was taken solely for the purpose of the content they’re reading. People will likely look at your businesses as that reflection. In the grand scheme of it all, the photos you use on your marketing collateral represent your business just as much as your staff or the products and services you offer. Low quality, amateurish photos reflect poorly on a business. One of the most important aspects of establishing an attractive brand is the ability to clearly convey who and what your business is, while offering your customers something that’s immediately recognizable as desirable. Professional photography empowers you to tell this story without saying a word.

Anyone Has Access To Use Free Stock Photos:
The big problem with this is brand identity. If you produce anything using a stock photograph, be it a poster, site banner, or social media content, you are using images available for anyone else to buy and use. You also risk the chance of running into someone else’s business who are using the same photo for a different purpose. Many smaller companies have seen their ads look and feel like ads from other companies because they contain the same images. That’s not good for standing out. You can sometimes negotiate exclusive rights, but those rights come at a hefty price and will run out at some point. Nothing is tackier than using the same photo that several other companies used for similar purposes.

Stock Photography Can Result in Lack of Authority:
People want to invest in you, and you want to charge people for what you are truly worth. When taking this into account, the amount of dollars you invest in your business reflects what you are worth in the customers eyes. The audience on the internet have an intuitive instinct when your content was well invested in. Because the truth of the matter is, our eyes are extremely sophisticated. People can see through your level of professionalism and expertise just based on visual appearance alone. And that can ultimately be the decided factor for many people.

When you hire a photographer, it automatically raises your status of authority because the photos the photographer produces can work with you to get your brand’s messaging come into alignment with your vision and soul’s projection, making the photos extremely shareable. They help you put your best foot forward that reflects your incredible talents and status of authority, so others can see through that too. 

Lightwork Media Questions

Ever since July 2019, we have stopped offering individual design services such as Poster Design, Logo Design, and Web Design. We only offer our services within packages because we have noticed with many spiritual entrepreneurs, they spend all this time outsourcing design work from different designers with different visions.. and in totality, it makes their online presence look inconsistent in the long-term.

We truly want to help you maintain visual consistency across all your platforms for the long-haul. So with that said, to help you attain that goal we ONLY offer Design Packages. By us offering only Design Packages, we are providing you way more value in your business as well as your authority building, rather than offering individual design services.

Because we have so many different kinds of portfolio pieces over our years of experience, we like to showcase the ones that are most relevant to your needs. If there are any specific kinds of portfolio pieces you’d like to see, send Cassidy an email to

Yes, we love collaborating with other Spiritual Businesses and spiritual entrepreneurs! Here’s an idea of some of our favourite things to collaborate on:

  • Collective Movements: Impact Initiatives such as partnering with brand new Non-Profit Organizations or campaigns that align with our core values.
  • Joint Ventures: Partnerships with other Spiritual Businesses who Lightwork Media shares similar goals with.
  • Co-Facilitating Events: We also partner with event facilitating organizations that want an extra hand in building the event.

If you don’t fall into one of these categories, we’d still love to hear from you. Message us about your collaborative opportunity here

Intuitive Design Project Questions

Because our Intuitive Design packages are highly personalized to the clients needs, they are typically priced in the range of $4000-$10,000 CAD

You can pay in full right away so you get High-Priority in having your project delivered sooner, or you can take advantage of our alternative Payment Plan below:
A 30-50% Deposit is required for beginning of any intuitive design project. We know it’s a big investment, which is why we offer payment plans up to 6 months. Due to the travelling involved, the Spiritual Event Photography Intensive however is paid in full once and is completed within 2-3 weeks.

We accept payments with Paypal, CreditCard and E-transfer.

Book a call with us to find out more about exact pricing and funding options.

Our Energy Branding Intensive, Author Intensive, and Course Creation Intensive can certainly be done virtually.

However our Spiritual Event Photography Intensive requires us to travel and be there to shoot in-person. Travel fees are taken care of in this particular package.

ALL approved web images and high resolution images purchased are 100% yours once the project is fully complete and paid for. Our Copyright gets fully transferred over to you as your Copyright. Our only grant is that we remain eligible to use your content we designed in our Portfolio for showcase purposes.

We can usually accommodate your rush job depending on how full our production schedule is however, a rush fee may be added. Call us to find out.

We give you unlimited revisions! Many other designers will limit the number of revisions you get on your design or graphics. But that isn’t really the way to get YOU the best product, is it? With Lightwork Media, you can revise until the cows come home.

We encourage anyone to bring in any samples of inspiration, color combinations/swatches, and ideas they may have to help us get an idea of style before starting to work with new clients. Since we are psychic channels, we do like to hand over the color combinations and design flow to the advice of your spirit guides to match the vibration of the energy you are working with in your spiritual business.

Depending on the project, we may give you some written copywriting homework for things such as website copy. But we have templates and worksheets, to help you brainstorm what you should write, and ideas you can write about to make your website that much more engaging to read. We give you little assignments like this so your final design is ultimately still coming from your voice, heart and soul. We want the overall design to completely align and match your vibration. Besides, we want people to read your content while hearing your voice, not ours!

A finished project is yours upon receipt of final payment. At your request, we will supply the electronic files and deliverables to you on dropbox, or through e-mail. We also keep a copy of your project on file for later updates or in emergency cases such as if you lose your copy.

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