At Lightwork Media, every piece of content we make carries an energetic magnetic field of consciousness.

At Lightwork Media, consciousness is our design process’s lifeblood because it gives us the capability to channel the soul’s essence into the project we are collaborating on. We make sure that in every project we work on, that the final touch is magnetically reflecting the soul of the client’s vision and higher purpose in a visually communicative way that is captivating and energetically magnetic. Without it, we would be designing without meaning and symbolic intuitive strategy.


At Lightwork Media, we believe we are stronger when we work together because collaboration is the unification of powers. That’s why we love co-creation. To manifest better outcomes.

Our commitment to co-creation is not a 9 to 5 occupation. We devote our time and our work outside your average office hours because we are motivated to change lives everyday and to make the world a better place. Collaborative success is built on relationships. The foundation to which is trust, respect, and commitment. That’s why we as a human collective thrive more fully when we work together than we do independently. We live for co-creation, not competition. We develop a deep understanding of our partner’s needs and aspirations. We collaborate to deliver outcomes which add real value to our client projects and the community as a whole.


At Lightwork Media, creativity runs through the blood of our veins. It is the essence of our soul.

With creativity, we flourish fountains of new ideas, fueling better services, and processes. We embraces laughter, humor, and having fun while working toward a common goal. It pools a diverse set of perspectives and experience by assembling cross-functional teams to collaborate on projects. At Lightwork Media, we often hold brainstorming sessions around new themes and goals with meditations, forest walks, and something that we call Intuitive Strategy Sessions.


At Lightwork Media, community impact is the fuel to our motivation.

Lightwork Media is a team and only through teamwork, communication and togetherness will it continue to succeed. Our community members are family to us. We work in a fun, positive environment where we care about our relationships. We consciously endeavor to respect each other’s differences, listen intently with an open mind, and support each of our members unique evolutionary paths. We include and nurture the human element of community in all we do.


At Lightwork Media, our relationships give us purpose and make all things possible.

We aspire to authentically connect with our community members and other professionals. We embrace diversity, respecting the thoughts and beliefs of others and listening with open hearts. A heart-centered foundation of acceptance and compassion is at the center of our culture. We welcome your weirdness and know that being open-minded is the key to progress. At Lightwork Media, we never diminish people or ideas that are different from our own. We also encourage feedback from every team member at every level, as well as from our friends in the greater community.


At Lightwork Media, we like to celebrate the lives we change after each completed project.

We believe that celebrating our clients success in every little way makes the whole journey that much more worth it. At Lightwork Media, we feel privileged to share in our partners’ achievements. Their success is also our success and we love showing our celebrative transparency. We find that sprinkling happy chemicals whenever and wherever we can makes all the difference in how we feel after completing a project.

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