I give Spiritual Entrepreneurs a business image that mirrors their Spiritual Gifts to build their Spiritual Authority.

Build your Online Spiritual Authority

Make A Spiritual Impact on Humanity

Build Recognition in your Spiritual niche

Hey, I’m Cassidy


As an Intuitive Designer, I’m obsessed with helping Spiritual Business Owners (like you!) build an online visual presence that Mirrors your Spiritual Gifts and that builds your Spiritual Authority FAST!

My intention is to help you make a bigger impact by aligning your spiritual gifts with your overall design assets, so you have time to focus on teaching your spiritual practice & being in service. Think of me as your go-to when it comes to all things visual design, visual content, and visual consistency!

Are your Spiritual Gifts not getting the Exposure and Authority they truly deserve?

You have Spiritual Gifts that DESERVE to be shared with audiences worldwide.

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you understand the importance of using your intuitive gifts when serving your clients right? Well guess what, it’s just as important for your clients to use their intuitive gifts when they are making business decisions, such as choosing to hire a spiritual mentor like you!

You may not be aware of this, but your spiritual business mirrors your dependability of your spiritual gifts. Because the thing is, whether you like it or not… People can instinctively see through you just based the way you present your professional image and business. Viewers subconsciously know that if you’ve invested a lot in your business for them, it tells them that they easily can invest a lot in you.
Think about it… How can you expect others to take your spiritual gifts seriously, if you can’t even invest in your spiritual business seriously?

It can get very overwhelming! And turns out, there’s a lot more to establishing yourself as a spiritual authority in your niche than you originally would have thought. It’s not just a matter of being good at what you do, your online business assets need to prove it too!

Here’s The Problem With Most Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

You have Spiritual Gifts you align with, but your image doesn’t demonstrate otherwise.

So here you are slaving away, dancing the “Spiritual Entrepreneur Hustle” while you spend 90% of your time on low-value time-sucking design tasks that doesn’t make you any money what so ever. Heck, who knew creating an effective spiritual message that builds you recognition and authority wasn’t as easy as slapping some text and cool images to your website page or content piece?
Turns out there’s a whole lot more to it than that.

Many spiritual businesses have online platforms and marketing assets that are poorly put together, and just as badly thought out. This is mostly because they’re not given the respect or thought they deserve. Your told to build a beautiful website, or sell online courses, or even to write a book. But no-one ever seems to mention the need to build those things functionally too.

So what do you need to do?

We Came Up With A Solution for Spiritual Entrepreneurs Just Like You

Use intuitive design strategy to position yourself as a spiritual leader worth following.

As a spiritual visionary, you need business strategies that fit both your personal and spiritual needs, to leverage your spiritual authority and expertise while remaining authentic. That’s exactly why we created the Intuitive Design Alignment Formula.

You see, when you are in the highest form of design alignment in your business, your online presence becomes contagious! Building your spiritual authority in your niche was never about trying to post as many things as you can, or spending countless hours trying to figure out the in’s and out’s of what a perfect design is supposed to look like. Because ultimately, it all comes down to visual consistency and spiritual sophistication. Plus, when your online platform is energetically aligned this way, you are subconsciously programming people to recognize you. Intuitive Design Alignment triggers people in a subconscious way to feel and recognize your unique energy signature throughout the online world.

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s 3 Ways you can start making your Spiritual Gifts stand out Today.

I’ve got several great options to get you started! So whether you want to get inspired with learning new strategies in my free masterclass or take it to the next level with one of my paid intuitive design packages, I’ve got you covered. Grab your favorite beverage and get started below!

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