Here’s my sweet story + how I can help you build your Spiritual Authority in your biz

How my gifts came to be…

For the most part, I was born and raised in Vancouver BC and grew up as an epilepsy survivor. After I had brain surgery when I was 8 years old, I spent the rest of my life learning how to rewire my brain to overcome the disability challenges I was faced with. During the process of recovering from my brain surgery, I found that the language of visual art has been a direct form of communication I’ve come to master growing up. Not only that, but storytelling through the psychology of color and visuals has been an anchor in helping me with my learning challenges. Interestingly, during this process, I found that the more in touch with art I was, the more clairvoyant I became. I’ve been able to channel information from higher beings and see memories of a person’s soul through visions I received just by being in their presence. My psychic gifts got stronger and stronger whenever I tapped into the energy field of art. And turns out, my brain injury has allowed me to tap into other cosmic aspects of the brain gifting me with highly intuitive and artistic abilities.

Pursing my Passion for Art & Design…

Fast forward about 20 years… I was ready to pursue my career in art, my long-time passion. So I decided to go to Art School and get a Degree in Visual Effects for Film & Television to not only further enhance my artistic gifts, but also to truly understand where and how I could integrate my intuitive gifts of channeling cosmic information with my art together, in a way that would keep me aligned with my highest purpose.

That’s where I got the opportunity to study many different avenues.

  • Compositing, CG Lighting & Rendering, CG Texturing and 3D Modelling as a part of the CG animated world
  • Cinematography, Photography & Documentary in the Film world
  • Game design and development in the Video Game world
  • And Graphic design in the Business World.

I was pretty grateful since I was exposed to so many avenues of design and art, I was able to integrate a lot of different skills in many different ways. After art school was over, I followed the path everyone else was going down into the film industry for a few years. So I worked professionally as a Digital Colorist for tv shows, and also got a job working as an On-Location Photographer, and have been doing it ever since.

But The Spiritual Link was still missing…

All the while working in film and doing on-location photography, I still felt vibrationally drained and unaligned AF. I loved the art of my work, but the corporate masculine-dominated industry I lived in was energetically exhausting that I honestly felt like I was slaving my life away. I just felt there was a spiritual aspect that was missing to the business world.

So while I was looking for that extra spiritual side to uplift my business world, along came my circle of spiritual entrepreneurial friends. While I came from a very masculine-dominant industry background, my circle of spiritual entrepreneurial friends we’re coming from a very feminine-dominant background. But they we’re struggling hard in their spiritual business getting their voices heard, while at the same time still wanting to feeling authentic and aligned with their purpose. There was a lot of limiting beliefs from these spiritual entrepreneurs that kept rising to the surface. All of these beliefs became fully transparent to me when I started psychically reading their business image to understand them even more.

It wasn’t until this moment that the intuitive designer in me really needed to be in service.

It was time for me to create a bridge so many of my intuitive spiritual friends were struggling hard with in their spiritual business… It was unifying their spiritual gifts with their professional image and business foundation.

The Intuitive Design process between myself and the Spiritual Entrepreneurs became an Integrated Union of Alignment.

I couldn’t help but see a business hole in my circle of spiritual entrepreneurial friends. I mean, they have these AMAZING gifts, and they are SO GOOD at what they do, but they are JUST NOT getting the attraction they truly deserve! They were so integrated with their Feminine Intuitive Side with their spiritual gifts, that the Masculine Side within their spiritual business was missing.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned…

It’s that a successful Spiritual Business needs to have a Masculine and Feminine balance. And I’m here to Bridge the Gap between your Spiritual Gifts, and Your Visual Business Assets.

So I developed a formula that would revolutionize the way how successful Spiritual Businesses are built.

The Infusion of Soul Reflected Channeling and Strategic Design Application

My multidisciplinary approach is my core distinction – using insights from Spirit, energy psychology, and vibrational economics with a balance of design thinking & clairvoyance.

This is how I’m able to properly fabricate a person’s unique energy signature into their designed marketing assets, so it becomes a direct reflection of who they authentically are.

I believe that visual consistency is CONTAGIOUS in the online business world. And when your Spiritual Gifts are fabricated within your business’s visual energy signature and your professional image, the vibration of your marketing assets suddenly becomes EXPANSIVE and VIBRATIONALLY MAGNETIC.

It’s my mission to make sure that Spiritual Entrepreneurs (like you) are getting the recognition and authority they DESERVE. I want nothing more than to raise the confidence of others on showing them not only what it LOOKS LIKE, but what it actually FEELS LIKE to have a spiritual business image that ALIGNS with the ESSENCE of their SPIRITUAL GIFTS. So they can embody their self-worth and their integrated versions of their Highest Self.

Energy Branding, Intuitive Design, and living the Spiritual Authority Mindset are just some of the spectacular ways to get there!

So… Are you ready to have your spiritual gifts stand out?

I’ve got several great options to get you started! So whether you want to get inspired with learning new strategies in my free masterclass or take it to the next level with one of my paid intuitive design packages, I’ve got you covered. Grab your favorite beverage and get started below!

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