Intuitive Book Design

Intuitive Book Design is tailored specifically to your soul-aligned business and your book’s personal energy signature style. Our Spiritual Author Intensive is a great way for spiritual authors to establish a visual blueprint for their author platform and create a seamless book launch with the values and spiritual message of their book they want to clearly communicate. We will work together to complete the design of your book’s interior and exterior, including all the author platform materials that reflects your vision and gives your book that necessary touch of soul, elegance, and professionalism that it needs for you to become the High Authority Spiritual Author you’re meant to be.

Why is Book Design important?

This first interaction between the reader and the book relies heavily on the book’s design. In publishing as in love, it’s important to make a good first impression. How does the way a book is produced help it stand out on the shelf? We live in a very visual world, so how a book is designed is important – maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the fact is, we do. Publishers know this and take it into account, and so should you.

Above all, professional book design makes your book look and feel fantastic to read making it totally stand out on the shelves.

Why should you judge a book by it’s cover? Because we all do.

If there’s one thing that screams self-published it’s terrible layout and poor graphic design. The overall look of your book has a huge impact on how professional it appears as well as the reader’s experience of it. Design has a tremendous impact on a book’s appeal and marketability. If your goal is to sell your book, then great design (especially cover design) will be one of the most critical parts of your book marketing strategy and success.

What’s Involved?


We’ll work with your spirit guides to design you an energetically-aligned book cover photo so it stands out on the shelves and your viewers can easily tune into the vibration of your book.


We’ll discuss the energetic psychology of your soulmate book readers, so we can design a book cover photo that visually stands out and magnifies your unique energy signature.


We’ll discuss all things about the world of your book, and plan out some strategic core elements that will play in the visual messaging that your book cover portrays to viewers when it’s on the shelves.


We’ll design a high-functional, high-converting and visually appealing one-page book website, to establish your author platform so people can dive into the world of your book.


We’ll be designing and rendering for you an Official 3D Book Launch Poster so people can tune into the vibration and the world of your book to create even more buzz.


To make your book marketing that much better, we’ll help you build a downloadable freebie related to your book so you can start creating buzz and generating leads to your list when you’re ready to launch.


With your final manuscript, we’ll design and plan out the typesetting for the interior of your book making your work more natural to the eye and more pleasant to read.


As a part of your Book Launch, we’ll curate for you a bundle of book promo graphics that you can use to promote the shiz out of your book on social media.


We’ll design you tangible marketing materials for your book tour & book signing booth needs to make your one-on-one interactions that much sweeter.

Are You Ready to Invest in Intuitive Book Design?

Intuitive Book Design with Cassidy is for you if:

  • You are Self-Publishing Your Book

    If you are self-publishing your book, the book design is hugely important, and it’s worth hiring a professional to make sure your book stands out. People who self publish are likely to sell around 20% more books if they hire a professional book designer rather than doing it themselves or hiring a hobbyist. This is because experienced book design professionals understand the market and the business and they know what they’re doing. And if you’re serious about making a career with your book as a spiritual author, intuitive book design is definitely for you.

  • The Writing Process of Your Book is completed.

    With the writing process of your book (including proof-reading and proof-editing) completed, we can start working on the book interior layout, as well as having a much clearer image of how we will go about designing the cover of your book and the rest of your author platform materials.

  • Your ready for your book to play a big role in your Authority Building

    If you’re writing your book with a strong desire for it to aid you in building your Spiritual Authority in your niche and to establish your expertise, the Spiritual Author Intensive contains all of the book design and marketing essentials you need for your book to become a long-term success.

We believe in partnering with our clients for the long-term. We know consistent design over time is the right path to sustainable authority building. We want to help you expand your message to humanity that builds real recognition in your niche, and frankly results like these take a bit of time. However we can certainly get you started on the accelerated path to those results! See what we can do.

We’re selective about who we work with because we’re so darn good at what we do. If you’re serious about scaling your book’s long-term success, we really should talk.

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