Intuitive Course Creation

Intuitive Course Creation is tailored specifically to your soul-aligned business and unique spiritual teaching style. Our Intuitive Course Creation Intensive is a great way for spiritual businesses to develop a signature 6-figure course and online school platform. So their students can have an intuitive interactive learning experience they can have on a daily basis simply from the hands of their pockets anytime they want. We will work together to create an online school platform and build your 6-figure online course that shares your spiritual teachings and gives your online course platform that necessary touch of soul, elegance, and professionalism that it needs for you to show off the High Authority Spiritual Teacher that you are.

How do Online Courses help grow my business?

The whole point of selling online courses is not to only to help you generate more money. In fact, at the core it’s about your students. Because of all the info that’s scattered on the internet, online courses gives people an opportunity to learn something effectively in a step-by-step process that actually works and doesn’t overwhelm them. As a Spiritual Teacher, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm them with spiritual information they can’t digest all at once. That’s where the beauty of online courses come in where they get to decide for themselves their learning speed and your mentorship hours, so both parties can be flexible.

Your Student’s Transformational Results Relies on the Foundation of Your Course Experience

The current challenge facing today’s world of Spiritual Teachers hosting courses live, is that their students often have to make career and lifestyle sacrifices because they are tied down to a fixed schedule to attend a workshop that is completely out of their control. It truly limits the number of people who can attend because of time-zone limitations, distance limitations, and so on. Not only that, but it can be extremely time-expensive for a lot people. Luckily though for the world of Online Courses, it give students flexibility and an intuitive learning experience that they can control while staying connected with a supportive online community 24/7.

What’s Involved?


Together, we’ll intuitively brainstorm a promotion strategy to effectively promote your course to the right group of people who would love to take your course and sign up ASAP.


We’ll discuss the energetic psychological needs your soulmate students are craving for when it comes to their online learning experience, so this way the sign up rate of your online courses rise much higher.


We’ll develop your course materials such as worksheets for your students that are designed for both seamless printing purposes and digital interactivity for an intuitive user-friendly experience.


With your branding foundation and guidelines you have in place, we’ll be creating you another branded Logo that will be designed to reflect and showcase your Spiritual Teachings.


We’ll work with your spirit guides to design you an energetically-aligned cover photo for your online course so that your viewers can easily tune into the vibration of teachings you are offering.


We’ll design and help you write copy for your course sales page that speaks to your soulmate students in a way that makes them feel ‘This-Is-For-Me’. We’ll provide you a template to guide you.


Every week, we’ll design for you branded presentation slides for every lesson in your course, and also teach you how to effectively record your module lessons.


We’ll help you discover your best online course platform to design your online school and host your spiritual teachings that in-result feels aligned and is easy to manage for you in the long-term.


As a part of your 6-figure course launch, we’ll curate for you a bundle of course promo graphics that you can use to promote the shiz out of your online course on social media.

Are You Ready to Invest in Intuitive Course Creation?

Intuitive Course Creation with Cassidy is for you if:

  • You’ve previously invested in a Branding Package & are Ready to Brand your Courses and Online School

    If you have previously invested in a Branding Package containing all of your consistent core branding essentials, we can properly build off the foundation of your brand and weave it into the intuitive course creation process. All the while making your online school and online course that much more visually consistent and interactive. If you’ve got a strong branding foundation stabilized in your spiritual business, you’re definitely ready to take your spiritual practice to the next level with Intuitive Course Creation. But just know that a branding package is a core prerequisite before we can accept you into our Intuitive Course Creation Intensive.

  • You’re ready to stop trading live course hours for limited dollars.

    If you’ve been teaching live events most of your career, you likely have noticed how much work it takes to host those workshops and events. If it has not already started sneaking up on you where hosting live in-person workshops is starting to eat away all of your free time, this is a very obvious sign that you’re ready to invest in intuitive course creation.

  • You’re ready to establish your Spiritual Teachings to the next level

    Having an online school where you get to establish a digital home exclusively for your spiritual teachings can be one of the most rewarding and valuable things to have in your spiritual business. If you’ve been teaching and hosting live events, giving lectures, etc.. for quite a while an online school is the perfect nugget you can have for people to pay you for your teachings without physically having to be somewhere at some dedicated time and place. If this is something you’re craving to have, you’re ready to invest in Intuitive Course Creation.

We believe in partnering with our clients for the long-term. We know consistent design over time is the right path to sustainable authority building. We want to help you expand your spiritual teachings and create real results for your students, and frankly results like these take a bit of time. However we can certainly get you started on the accelerated path to those results! See what we can do.

We’re selective about who we work with because we’re so darn good at what we do. If you’re serious about scaling your spiritual teachings in your business, we really should talk.

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