Spiritual Event Photography

Spiritual Event Photography is tailored specifically to your business’s soul-aligned events and personal energy signature style. Our Spiritual Event Intensive is a great way for spiritual teachers to develop a visual energy signature blueprint for marketing their live events, so they can fully leverage they impact of promoting their events with the values and spiritual message they want to clearly communicate. We will work together to create a personality and feel that you love and that reflects your vision and gives your event promotion that necessary touch of soul, elegance, and professionalism that it needs for your events get ‘Sold-Out’ so you can be recognized as the High Authority Spiritual Teacher you’re meant to be.

Why is On-Location Event Photography important?

Spiritual events provide you with unique opportunities to connect and engage with a wide range of people inside and outside your spiritual business. This is a moment to take advantage of raising your spiritual profile among your most important audiences by capturing a spiritual workshop, retreat, or lecture through pictures. Event photography can catch the eyes of people and make them aware of your event that they wouldn’t otherwise have known about. This powerful ability to stick in people’s minds can have huge advantages for spiritual teachers looking to create brand awareness.

Spiritual Event Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles.

Top-quality on-location event photography can go a long way in the marketing department. Getting your live spiritual events professionally photographed is so impactful for the future of your event marketing that it can open you up to more publicity opportunities. Photo quality isn’t only vital for spreading the word about your events. It’s also vital for memorializing it. If people browse the internet for events and yours looks fun and engaging, you can grab people’s interest easily it, and it will likely encourage them to keep tabs on your upcoming activities. This kind of attention is priceless. 

What’s Involved?


Together, we’ll talk about about all the various different purposes that your event photos will be used for across print and digital media applications, and strategically shoot your event according to your goals.


We’ll discuss the energetic psychological needs your soulmate event attendees are craving for when it comes to their live event experience, so this way the sign up rate of your event rises much higher.


We’ll discuss all things about the experience of your event, and plan out some strategic core elements that will play in the messaging that your spiritual event portrays to viewers when you market it.


We’ll design and help you write copy for your event sales page that speaks to your soulmate event attendees in a way that makes them feel ‘This-Is-For-Me’. We’ll provide you a template to guide you.


We understand the importance of leveraging to capture the whole experience of your event which is why we’ll travel to shoot on-location whenever your event is for your entire event.


We’ll help you pick out the color scheme, tone of voice, and all the essentials that make up the overall aesthetic of your event photos to look and feel energetically aligned with your vision and purpose.


As a part of marketing your spiritual event, we’ll curate for you a bundle of event promo graphics that you can use to promote the shiz out of your event on social media.


We’ll work with your spirit guides to design you an energetically-aligned event poster for your spiritual event so that your audience is magnetically drawn into the event you are offering.


We’ll design you tangible marketing materials for your material spiritual event needs such as signage, lanyards, tshirts, etc. to make your in-person event experience that much sweeter.

Are You Ready to Invest in Spiritual Event Photography?

Spiritual Event Photography with Cassidy is for you if:

  • You’re ready to take your Spiritual Events to the Next Level.

    If you’ve been teaching and hosting live events, giving lectures, etc.. for quite a while now, but you’re ready to move into your higher potential of hosting bigger and more impactful events, spiritual event photography is the perfect compliment you can have for showing off the beauty and transformational experiences you give at your live events. If this is something you’re craving to have, you’re ready to invest in the Spiritual Event Intensive.

  • You want your events to play a big role in your authority building

    If you’re planning on hosting bigger spiritual events in the near future with a strong desire for it to aid you in building your Spiritual Authority in your niche and to establish your expertise, the Spiritual Event Intensive contains all of the event design and marketing essentials you need for your event to become a long-term success.

  • Your want to increase the visual branding experience of your live events

    Creating a sense of togetherness throughout your event branding is especially important where the attendee journey is concerned. Whatever the ultimate aim of your event is – whether it’s to increase brand exposure, raise awareness on a given topic or drive sales and subscriptions – the journey an attendee takes from entrance to exit needs to be subtly and strategically designed for them to truly remember not only the experience of your event, but also you as a spiritual business. If you feel like that your previous events you’ve hosted haven’t has the visual branding alignment that you currently seek, then the Spiritual Event Intensive is definitely for you.

We believe in partnering with our clients for the long-term. We know consistent design over time is the right path to sustainable authority building. We want to help you expand your spiritual impact and build real recognition through your events, and frankly results like these take a bit of time. However we can certainly get you started on the accelerated path to those results! See what we can do.

We’re selective about who we work with because we’re so darn good at what we do. If you’re serious about scaling your spiritual authority in your business, we really should talk.

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