Our Intuitive Design Services

All Inclusive

1:1 Intensives

For spiritual entrepreneurs who value receiving customized high-level 1:1 experiences, that are personally tailored to their specific needs and desires apart from the generalized advice from what the industry tries to sell them. These intensives are designed revolutionize the way they show up in their spiritual business.

Done-For-You Solutions

Online Trainings

For spiritual teachers looking to expand their spiritual practice and teachings in the online space, Course Creation is a perfect solution to leverage teaching your wisdom on a collective-scale rather than the 1:1 model, so you can skyrocket building your credibility as an expert in your space while making passive income from it.

Making Improvements

Critique Reports

For the business owners who are looking to have an expert lay their keen eye for detail on their content. Critique Reports contain specific detailed breakdowns in bullet-point format on what needs fixing, improving, and editing, with step by step instructions on how to make those edits for easy implementation. These reports also deliver extra suggestions that can greatly improve the performance of their content.

For Small Tasks

À La Carte Design

Sometimes you just need some small tweaks and services to get your spiritual business going! These a la carte design services are here for whenever you spontaneously need something designed with a fast turnaround!

For Photo Corrections

Photo Editing

Making a good first impression for people who stumble upon your photos online can make all the difference when it comes to buying decisions. Photo editing allows you to make the edits necessary to visually show off your brand on a more intimate level!

Alchemize Your Visuals

Visionary Art

From light language, to crystal grids, to psychedelic tapestries… Visionary Art is for the spiritual entrepreneurs who want to elevate the elements of their brand to deliver a more higher dimensional visual experience that taps into the realm they desire. Whether that’s angelic, galactic, elemental, celestial, etc.. we’ll create a visionary masterpiece that has your energy written all over it.

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