Our Process

  • #2: We’re a Great Fit! Reserve Your Spot

    From here, you’ll get your Welcome Email which includes our projected timeline, design agreement, estimate, and invoice for deposit to reserve your spot on our calendar. Also included in the email is an outline of our next steps and a link to where you can schedule our Intuitive Strategy sessions for hands-on guidance throughout your project.

  • #3: Pre-Design Process Work

    Before the design work begins, this time is carved out, with you in mind, to allow the much needed time to put together your scheduled design outline. This outline covers any photoshoots that are needed to be done, and all else to ensure that we have everything we need to create the very best product possible! We will use an intuitive strategy session or two during this time, to move through these vital and strategic pre-design activities together. We NEVER leave you hanging.

  • #4: Production + Installation

    This is where everything comes together! We now have everything we need to start, first, with your project containing your inspiration. As the design process goes, we will collaborate back-and-forth as I check-in with you for regular reviews of my progress and any revisions that need to be done. This is an intuitive process as we work together to create a unique and meaningful design project.

  • #5: The Launch

    You will receive all of the deliverables and design files, upon final invoice payment, via Dropbox.

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